Recent Projects

Genesee Brewery

Robot for Conveyor Line

The Customer Request

Over the years, the Genesee Brewery has invested in new equipment and processes to modernize the brewery and keep up with increasing demands.  As part of the ongoing upgrades, they required an automated keg processing system designed to fill more kegs per hour with less manpower.  Frequently used for tank and production line installations, they turned to Boulter to assemble and install the new system complete with keg fillers, conveyor lines, and robots.

The Boulter Solution

In 2015, Boulter built a similar system with approximately 1,000 feet of conveyor and seven robots for their variety pack line.  Following a similar structure from the larger line, Boulter’s five-man crew built the entire keg system including two robots, two tag washers, two keg fillers, and approximately 100 feet of conveyor within the Brewery’s four-week time frame.

With the new system in place, the Brewery can now process and package 70 full kegs per hour while saving floor space for future lines and increasing plant efficiency.

Project Highlights

Capabilities Applied & Processes Implemented

  • Production line installation
  • Rigging
  • Precision leveling and alignment

Equipment Used for Installation

  • Fork trucks
  • Rigging gang box