Recent Projects

Addison Precision Manufacturing

When a high-tech manufacturing company needed to relocate operations to a larger facility to meet growing demands, they searched for a contractor who could safely relocate their entire facility with little disruption to operations and virtually no downtime.

A frequent customer for machine installations, they chose Boulter to disassemble, transport, set, level, and align all equipment, including 90 CNC machines, all within their 8-week time frame.

Project Highlights

Capabilities Applied & Processes Implemented

  • Heavy Hauling
    • Loaded 3 full truckloads of machinery per day
  • Rigging

Equipment Used for Installation

  • Tractor-trailers
  • Winch trucks
  • Straight body truck
  • Fork trucks (3,000–6,000-pound capacity)
  • P360 HOIST forklift (36,000-pound capacity)
  • 40/60 extendable counterweight lift truck (60,000-pound capacity)
  • 15/25 extendable counterweight lift truck (25,000-pound capacity)
  • 15-ton hard tire forklift (30,000-pound capacity)
  • Nylon skates (72,000-pound capacity)
  • Cart dollies
  • Levels
  • Anchors
  • Rigging gang box