Recent Projects


HARBEC, now a part of ADDMAN, has been a prominent plastic contract manufacturer for more than four decades. Since 1996, the company has dedicated itself to being a sustainable manufacturer and has successfully implemented various technologies to meet this objective. Notably, in 2002 and 2010, HARBEC installed two wind turbines as part of its significant efforts to generate 60% of its electricity needs sustainably.

The challenge:

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, it brought with it a series of unexpected setbacks for HARBEC’s wind turbines. Despite the company’s pre-pandemic plans to replace the motor of their smaller 250kw unit, the dire shortage of parts repeatedly delayed the repairs.

When parts became available once again, HARBEC regained momentum to proceed with repairing the turbine. They contacted us to carry out the challenging task of removing and replacing their nacelle and blade, thereby allowing them to switch out the motor.  Given the complexity of the project, meticulous coordination between our team, HARBEC, and the turbine manufacturer in Germany was essential to ensure seamless execution.

The solution:

Once the project schedule was determined between all three parties, we began the removal process. First, we placed one crew on the ground to coordinate with the crane operator and maneuver the turbine blades while another team worked within the tower to disassemble the nuts and bolts of the nacelle and blade. Though the process took several hours to complete, our team managed to safely remove the pieces without encountering any complications.  

Following the repair of the motor, we proceeded to replace the nacelle and blade using this same process. The wind turbine was fully operational once again, and our team’s safe yet efficient service was well received by HARBEC.

Project Highlights

Equipment Used

  • Cranes
  • Electric fork truck
  • 3.5-ton fork truck
  • Slings
  • Rigging gang box