Recent Projects

Genesee Brewery

Boulter has proudly worked with Genesee Brewery for over 30 years.  In that time, we have installed new production lines, modified existing ones, and provided ongoing maintenance support for more streamlined operations.

The Customer Request

Recently, Genesee Brewery announced plans for a facility investment project to improve operations and accommodate growth.  Part of this project included updates to their Seagram’s Escapes product line and rebuilding part of the facility’s existing beer packaging lines to increase output.

Project Highlights

Capabilities Applied & Processes Implemented

Tank Installation Project

  •  Warehousing
    • Offloaded, set, and stored eight 75′ tall tanks in our yard until the site was ready
  • Rigging and Installation
    • Heavy hauling was arranged by Boulter.  The tanks were then transported to the site one by one due to size limits
    • Tank installation completed by five Boulter field employees
    • Equipment leveling and alignment
    • Anchoring equipment to the concrete base

Seagram’s Escapes Conveyor Rebuild Project

  • Production line installation
    • Relocated existing conveyor and machinery within the variety pack area
    • Installed new conveyor and robots as per drawings

Line #2 Upgrade Project 

  • Production line installation
    • Demo completed by Boulter employees
    • Received, delivered, and set new conveyor and equipment as per drawings
    • Transported and installed a new palletizer