Recent Projects


When you hire Boulter for one service chances are there are additional services you can take advantage of to save you time and money.  For Fabexchange, bundling our rigging, heavy hauling, and crating and packaging services helped them cut costs and avoid project delays.

Project Highlights

Rigging & Transportation

  • Removed equipment, accessories, and tooling from location
  • Transported equipment to Boulter’s crating and packaging shop using trucks equipped with air-ride suspensions

Crating and Packaging

  • Secured the equipment to crating and skid bases by using fasteners such as nails, screws, lag bolts, carriage bolts, steel banding, and poly strapping
  • Applied corrosion inhibitor, desiccants, vacuum-sealed barrier bags, and implemented additional crating closures
  • All crates were ISPM 15 compliant for export acceptance