Recent Projects

Rochester District Heating Cooperative

When it comes to completing projects on time and on budget, Boulter excels. That is why when a major renovation was underway at the Rochester District Heating Cooperative, Boulter was brought on by a local mechanical contractor to fabricate and install new catwalks, rails, access ladders, and to replace two 67,000-pound boilers within the building.

To prepare for the installation of the boilers, a large opening was constructed on the side of the building and steel plates were set over the basement’s exposed beams for support. With the building ready, a sizeable crane was then used to transfer the two boilers through the open area while Boulter field employees were on hand inside to meticulously steer them into place.

Additionally, we used plasma cutting to fabricate several floors of steel infill with grating, two platform extensions complete with stairs and railings, and two access ladders. Despite the challenging conditions of the project, we completed the job on time, on budget, and without injury.

Project Highlights

Capabilities Applied & Processes Implemented

  • Steel fabrication of access ladders and platforms complete with stairs and railings
    • Plasma cutting
    • Fabrication per AISC specifications
    • OHSA compliant railings, ladders, stairs
    • Welding completed by certified welders
  • Custom rigging and installation services
    • Prepared the building for the removal of the old boilers
    • Boiler installation completed by Boulter field employees
    • Equipment leveling and alignment
  • Estimated boiler weight
    • Each boiler weighed 67,000 pounds


  • ANSI standards for structural steel

Materials Used

  • Steel
  • Diamond plate
  • Square tube railings
  • Structural steel members

Equipment Used for Installation

  • Fork trucks
  • Welding equipment