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Custom Rigging and Installation Services of Heidelberg Speedmaster CX 102

Boulter is fully capable of rigging and providing complete installation services for Heidelberg USA printing presses.

At the request of a local printing company, Boulter installed a new Heidelberg Speedmaster CX 102. After receiving the necessary units at our warehouse, we began the process and used a range of equipment; including, a portable gantry lift, fork and hand trucks, jacks, and skates.

First, we packaged the necessary installation pieces into 12 crates for transport.  Prior to arrival, the building owner prepared a concrete floor. Once onsite, Boulter’s 4-man crew worked 12-hour days to assemble all the pieces. After ensuring the assembly was properly leveled and aligned, the crew anchored it to the floor based on manufacturing specifications.

The total assembly consisted of 5 distinct sections — the lightest section weighed 27,414 pounds while the heaviest weighed 45,569 pounds. A representative from Heidelberg supervised the entire process to guarantee that the rigging and installation of the printing press met exact requirements. In total, the project took one week.

Project Highlights

Capabilities Applied & Processes Implemented

  • Rigging
    • Received units at our warehouse
    • Breakdown pieces based on install
  • Crating
    • Crated install pieces for transport
  • Installation
    • All assembly done by Boulter field employees; 4-man crew worked 12-hour days to assemble all pieces
    • Equipment leveling and alignment
    • Anchoring equipment to concrete floor based on manufacturing specifications

Equipment Used for Installation

  • Portable gantry lift
  • Fork trucks
  • Hand truck
  • Jacks
  • Skates

Estimated Part Weight

  • Section 1: 44,808 pounds
  • Section 2: 27,414 pounds
  • Section 3: 43,344 pounds
  • Section 4: 45,569 pounds
  • Section 5: 39,054 pounds