Turning Pilot Brewery Concept into Reality

The beer industry is booming in New York, and while traditional lagers haven’t lost their appeal, pilot breweries are opening a world of tap and tasting room opportunities. Recently, a recognized brewing company came to us in need of installation services for their 3,000-square-foot innovation brewery slated to open in Fall 2018. Specializing in smaller batches of beer, this new pilot system will help the company explore new recipes and give visitors an inside look at the brewing process.  As the trusted resource to many local breweries, Boulter was handpicked by the client to also provide the necessary storage for the entire custom-built pilot system and to transport a portion of its components.

Due to the historic nature of our client’s building, specialized brewing equipment was chosen to accommodate the unique design of the existing space. Since installing customized equipment requires skill and expertise, they had no doubt that Boulter was the perfect choice for the job.  Working with a suite of equipment, including our Hoist P360 forklift, our crew got to work on the project by receiving, flipping, and loading the tanks at our location until the site was accessible.

As soon as the site was successfully prepared, the tanks were carefully transported to the location.  Ensuring easy access to the multicomponent system meant that tank placement was critical.  Keeping the unique design of our client’s space in mind, our experienced three-man crew diligently installed all the pieces of the brewing system.

After the successful installation, the brewing company was now ready to pursue its goal of testing more focused and creative recipes through the innovative brewing system.