Learn How Boulter Supports Li-Cycle’s Expanding Operations

As the world shifts to electric power, there is an increasing demand for lithium-ion batteries and, even more so, safe and sustainable recycling solutions of these materials. So how would one leverage technology to address the lithium-ion recycling issue? Just ask Tim Johnston and Ajay Kochhar, co-founders of Li-Cycle, North America’s largest lithium-ion battery recycler.

In 2016 they launched the resource recovery company to address the global recycling issue using their patented Spoke & Hub technology. This safe, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly process has a material recovery rate of up to 95%, nearly double the industry standard. As a result of their successful model and ambitious goals from consumers for electric adoption, Li-Cycle’s operations grew exponentially, and by 2019 they began vetting locations for their second Spoke facility. 

Discover how with Boulter’s help, Li-Cycle’s second Spoke facility at Eastman Business Park was fully operational by December 2020 with little delay from COVID-19.