How to Prepare for a Machine Installation

After spending weeks, months, or maybe even years searching for a new piece of equipment, you chose the perfect addition for your production floor.  So, now what?  It’s time to start planning for the installation.  To avoid downtime we’ve compiled a preparation checklist to ensure a seamless process.


Has transportation been arranged? It is recommended to use an installation company with heavy hauling and warehousing capabilities to avoid costly delays.  If a separate freight company is used, make sure there is a direct line of communication to coordinate equipment pick up and drop off dates between the trucking and rigging companies.



Can the floor support the weight of the new machine plus the installation equipment?  Even the slightest bump will interfere with precision leveling and alignment and can cause production issues down the road.  To prevent this, floor reinforcements such as concrete pads may be required to keep the floor from cracking or shifting during install.



Have electrical and/or mechanical requirements been identified, addressed, and disconnected before installation?  Cords or pipes in the direct installation path should be disconnected and removed prior.   Additionally, an electrical and/or mechanical contractor may upgrade the existing power and pneumatic capabilities depending on the demands of the new system.


Have dock doors, pathways, and parking lots been measured and cleared? Before installation, your machinery mover will verify if the equipment can safely fit through the building’s access points. While the machine itself may fit, the equipment used to raise, lower, and move the piece can add additional inches, and modifications to the building structure may then be necessary.

Installation can be difficult when a clear pathway isn’t set.  Make sure parking lots and hallways are marked off the day of install to avoid delays.



Does your existing equipment need to be removed, packed, and shipped?  Using an ISPM-15 compliant crating and packaging specialist to skid and palletize your equipment allows for easier and safer handling during loadout, transport, and unloading at the destination.


Equipment installations can be a big undertaking.  Using this preparation checklist and working with a professional installation company will make for a smooth process as you transition from old equipment to new.

If you’re in the market for expert machinery movers, contact us today.  Boulter is the region’s most trusted contractor for equipment installs, relocations, and removals.  We also offer warehousing, heavy hauling, and crating and packaging services to further save our customers time and money.