Corkscrew Slide Installation


Installing a stainless steel slideRecently, a general contractor came to us with a request to transport and assemble two stainless steel, corkscrew slides in an office building. The units were first sent to our warehouse where they remained in storage until the area was ready.  Once the site was accessible, the items were transported to our client’s location using a flatbed truck.  The building’s freight elevators could only be accessed through underground tunnels which made the process more challenging since no forklifts could be utilized.  As problem solvers of the industry’s toughest challenges, this small hiccup didn’t slow us down.

Once inside, we transferred the pieces one-by-one using wheeled rigging dollies to where the installation was taking place. Considering the weight of each component and the confined space where the slides needed to be assembled, it was imperative that the pieces were brought into the site at a precise angle.

Leveling and alignment of steel slide

To aid in the assembly, a temporary rigging beam was installed to hang our chain hoist, which suspended the sections. While in the air, our crew got to work assembling each part using slings, BESSEY clamps, bolts, and hammer drills.  To ensure that each slide section matched the floor elevations, a laser level was used to plumb and align the support post.

Despite the project’s demanding conditions, our skilled personnel successfully completed the job and assembled a solid structure that will be thoroughly enjoyed by the tech firm for many years to come.

Corkscrew slide installation