Construction Careers Day

These past 15 months have been nothing short of challenging. As businesses and schools adapted to stop the spread of COVID-19, outreach opportunities were limited, and field trips shifted to virtual webinars. While these have been successful, the in-person experience was missed. That’s why when The Builder’s Exchange of Rochester asked us to participate in Construction Careers Day, we jumped on the opportunity.

With the nation facing a skilled labor shortage, the need to expose younger generations to the trades has never been greater. Programs like Construction Careers Day allow companies to not only introduce high schoolers to the industry but also serves as a hiring event where graduates can leave with viable career options.

Over four and a half hours, nearly 300 students were transported in phases to the venue, where they were welcomed with large equipment before heading inside for a panel discussion and vendor tables. After their time inside, the students were directed to head outside to participate in the hands-on activities which included Boulter’s chain fall exercise. Nothing compares to the exposure prospective employees receive at these events, and we are thankful we could participate.

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