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When Is It Time To Expand Operations?

The start of a new year brings a sense of rejuvenation.  Many make resolutions for health and prosperity with the hope of bettering themselves.  But resolutions aren’t limited to individuals, and this time of renewal is an opportunity for businesses to reflect on the previous year and evaluate their strategies and goals. If you’ve seen […]

What is Rigging?

We’re often asked, “What is rigging?”  With that, we light-heartedly respond, “Do you remember the ‘I pick things up and set them down’ commercial?” While this is a broad way to describe rigging in construction, our definition is the process of lifting, relocating, or moving equipment with specialized tools.  Others define it as the system […]

5 Shipping Tips to Protect your Equipment and Reputation

What happens when your equipment arrives at its destination damaged? Who’s to blame? Regardless of the mistake, it’s your equipment and reputation that are on the line. Avoid this type of situation with these five shipping tips.    

ISPM 15 Rules and Regulations and Why They’re Important

If you’re sourcing companies for international shipment, it’s important to select one that is ISPM 15 compliant.  You may be reading this and wondering, “Why is this certification so important?”  In the following video, we discuss the requirements for an ISPM 15 certification and why this mark of compliance goes beyond heat-treated wood.    

How to Prepare for a Machine Installation

After spending weeks, months, or maybe even years searching for a new piece of equipment, you chose the perfect addition for your production floor.  So, now what?  It’s time to start planning for the installation.  To avoid downtime we’ve compiled a preparation checklist to ensure a seamless process.   TRANSPORTATION Has transportation been arranged? It […]

The Importance of a Preventative Maintenance Program

Preventative maintenance programs minimize equipment breakdowns and unscheduled downtime by assessing equipment performance before failures have the chance to occur.  It’s an important part of facilities management and helps companies save money on expensive repairs and overtime and other labor-related costs.  Here’s why implementing a preventative maintenance program may be essential for your operation:   […]

Design to Installation

Any successful steel fabrication project from mezzanines and stairs to handrails and platform steel requires expert design, skilled fabrication, and an experienced installation team.  Jeff Smith, Boulter project manager and steel fabrication expert discusses these key phases and what each entails.  

Three Important Steps to Consider When Shipping Your Valuables

Before preparing equipment for shipment, it’s important for a crating specialist to evaluate the type of materials that will be used based on the item’s characteristics.  Weight, size, fragility, mode of transport, and destination are examined to ensure appropriate procedures are put in place for safe transport.

Boulter’s Streamlined Fabrication Process

At Boulter, our steel fabrication shop features a collection of high-quality equipment to streamline the entire fabrication process. By offering many different fabrication processes under one roof, we enable you to more effectively manage the cost of your project. From design to product manufacturing, our streamlined manufacturing process allows us to produce a high-quality product […]