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Rochester Museum & Science Center Dinosaur Removal

When you think of dinosaurs, is crane the next word that comes to mind? This unlikely pair made for a unique rigging job when the Rochester Museum and Science Center contacted Boulter to remove a dinosaur exhibit from their third-story window.  It’s not the first time the Museum has contacted Boulter to move a few exciting collections. […]

Boulter In Action

When you leave it up to the industry’s heavy lifting experts, you know your equipment is in good hands.  That’s why when a local customer needed to relocate their 64,000-pound Model 10 car crusher, they contacted Boulter.

Rochester’s Reconnaissance Satellite

Welcoming guests as they enter the Strasenburgh Planetarium lobby sits a Gambit, a reconnaissance satellite manufactured in Rochester during the Cold War.  In the early ‘60s, the U.S. government entrusted Eastman Kodak’s Research & Engineering unit, now owned by L3Harris Technologies, with the development of a satellite observation system to secure photos of Soviet military […]

Saving Customers Logistical Headaches One Service at a Time

Chances are when you hire Boulter for one service there are several other services you can take advantage of.  Recently, Boulter was requested to install ten air handling units as part of the ongoing construction for Rochester General Hospital’s new critical care center.  In addition to our installation services, the mechanical contractor required warehousing and […]

Removing a 54,000-pound Shearing Machine

To accommodate new machinery and increase plant efficiency, Boulter recently assisted a local client with the removal of their 54,000 lb. shearing machine.  Utilizing skates, slings, an electric forklift, and our FR 15/25 extendable counterweight lift truck, our four-man crew was able to safely remove the equipment from the building where it was picked up […]

High-speed Canning Line Installation

The latest craze in lighter alcohol options has beverages like hard seltzer and spiked water flying off the shelves.  To capitalize on this increasing demand, Boulter was contacted by a local beverage processing plant to install a high-speed canning system for their hard seltzer products.  The new line is designed to run 800 16 oz. cans […]

Turning Pilot Brewery Concept into Reality

The beer industry is booming in New York, and while traditional lagers haven’t lost their appeal, pilot breweries are opening a world of tap and tasting room opportunities. Recently, a recognized brewing company came to us in need of installation services for their 3,000-square-foot innovation brewery slated to open in Fall 2018. Specializing in smaller […]

Corkscrew Slide Installation

  Recently, a general contractor came to us with a request to transport and assemble two stainless steel, corkscrew slides in an office building. The units were first sent to our warehouse where they remained in storage until the area was ready.  Once the site was accessible, the items were transported to our client’s location […]

Moving the Past for the Future

Frederick Douglass, the famed abolitionist and human rights advocate, called Rochester, New York home for twenty-five years. This year, Rochester celebrates the late leader’s 200th birthday.  As part of the city-wide effort to commemorate the notable event, students from the University of Rochester’s digital imaging class wanted to show their appreciation for the historic trailblazer […]

Beyond the Crate

For many years, Boulter has proudly offered high-quality custom crating and packaging services across a wide range of industries. Our primary goal is to prepare equipment for safe transport while maintaining a superior level of customer service throughout the process. If you need a company to crate and package your equipment for domestic or international […]