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Learn how Boulter Supports LiDestri’s Manufacturing Process

For over forty years, LiDestri Food and Drink has produced pasta sauce.  They are an industry leader in their field, and in recent years have expanded their capabilities to keep up with new food and beverage trends. In order to meet increasing product demands, LiDestri requires a well-maintained production system. Discover how Boulter’s preventative maintenance […]

Learn how Boulter Supports Genesee Brewery’s Continued Growth

As New York State’s oldest brewery, Genesee Brewery has received its fair share of changes in the 143 years it’s been in operation. In addition to producing traditional classics like American pale lagers and cream ales, they’ve also embraced new trends like Seagram’s Escapes, a flavored malt beverage line. For over 30 years, Boulter has […]

Learn How Boulter Helps QED Technologies Deliver

Did you know Rochester is the world leader in precision optics, photonics, and imaging? That’s right, The Flour City is home to more than 120 businesses in the OPI sector according to New York Photonics. Founded in 1996 to support this growing market, QED Technologies has since built a reputation for providing high-quality solutions for […]

Learn How Boulter Supports Calvary Robotics’ Cutting-edge Technology

Long live the days where robots existed only on movie screens.  Today they’re changing the way the world operates from simplifying everyday tasks to performing high-risk surgeries. At the forefront of this transformation is Calvary Robotics.  Since 1994 they’ve provided custom turnkey automation solutions, robotic platforms, and material handling systems for the automotive, healthcare, consumer goods, […]

Learn How Boulter Supports Li-Cycle’s Expanding Operations

As the world shifts to electric power, there is an increasing demand for lithium-ion batteries and, even more so, safe and sustainable recycling solutions of these materials. So how would one leverage technology to address the lithium-ion recycling issue? Just ask Tim Johnston and Ajay Kochhar, co-founders of Li-Cycle, North America’s largest lithium-ion battery recycler. […]