We are 131 Years Bold

Boulter has been family-owned since its founding in 1892 by Thomas W. Boulter. The business was created to fill the local need for ice and coal delivery. The business evolved to incorporate local moving and carting with the use of two teams of horses and wagons. Over the next century, the business evolved and expanded beyond that initial concept. Boulter tailored its operations to focus on the needs of Rochester’s industries, manufacturers, and businesses.

Five generations later, Boulter is still the premier choice amongst today’s industry leaders when it comes to professionalism, punctual deliveries, and reliable services to meet current business demands and challenges. Headquartered in Webster, New York, Boulter serves the Eastern Region, predominantly New York State, Ohio, and Pennsylvania, with the capacity and ability to undertake projects anywhere in the United States. For more information related to your specific needs, contact a Boulter representative.


Thomas W. Boulter (1869-1931) founds local carting/moving company with two teams of horses. Specializes in coal and ice deliveries.


William P. Boulter (1891-1978) takes over the business converting horses to one of Rochester’s first moving vans.


William T. Boulter (1921-2005) acquires the business and purchases five trucks and builds a garage behind his home.


William G. Boulter (1946-2022) joins company management.


Boulter finds its niche and Boulter Rigging Corp. is founded on January 3, 1975, to focus on rigging and moving heavy equipment.


Headquarters for the company relocates to the Webster, NY campus.


William S. Boulter acquires Boulter, Webster Crane Service, JenJeff Construction and merges them into single corporation changing the name to Boulter Industrial Contractors, Inc.


William S. Boulter expands the business landholdings by forming BIC Complex LLC. Services now include rigging, crating and packaging, steel fabrication, plant relocations, production line installation, preventative maintenance, heavy hauling, and warehousing, forming the company we know today.


Boulter re-brands and positions itself for future growth: Strong values and expertise earned through a unique legacy. It’s not a trip down memory lane. It’s a departure point to the future.