Boulter Strong

Boulter. One of the most recognizable brands in upstate New York. Over a century proud, we have been an indelible part of industrial contracting from 1892 to today. We focus on providing solid solutions to some of the toughest challenges for industries, manufacturers, and businesses big and small.

It’s our heritage that makes us so strong, so powerful, so dependable. So trusted. We’re the folks behind the scenes of moving, fabricating, and rigging – doing the heavy lifting to support industry far and wide. It’s our job to take care of the hard stuff. So you can focus on making the most out of every day.

We are the first call for transportation, rigging, steel fabrication, custom crating and packaging, plant and office relocation, production line installation, and warehouse storage.

Rochester-born, New York-claimed, global citizen for the future. For five generations, our expertise in moving the impossible helped us create a company we are proud to call Boulter Strong. We do everything big. We love the challenges you bring to us every day. And about that tomorrow? We’re busy preparing for it right now.

Experienced from the past. Grounded in the present. Shaping a solid future.

One family. One company. One call.

We are Boulter Strong.